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What is the best Dyson vacuum cleaner? Review, test and comparison of the best models

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Can not think of a vacuum without immediately associate this home appliance essential to the iconic brand Dyson. Forerunner in this very buoyant market, Dyson is for example the first to have introduced the bagless vacuum cleaner in France and abroad. The brand brings technological innovations and a sharp design that allows it to remain at the forefront of the sector and dissociate itself from its competitors. If you are looking for a powerful, ergonomic and easy-to-use vacuum cleaner, you will find a model that meets your needs and your usage habits. But before choosing it, remains to know what is the best vacuum cleaner Dyson.


To help you in your choice, it is good to begin by saying that the best vacuum cleaners of the Dyson brand are divided into three main categories. You will find on one side the vacuum cleaners without a sled bag, the vacuum cleaners brooms (also without bag) and those with hand. Among these iconic models, accessories and technical specifications may vary, but the quality is always at the rendezvous.

You will discover in this article the 2 best vacuum cleaners, the two best vacuum cleaners without brooms and the two best hand vacuums. This top is based on the tests we have done on all these devices in order to deliver a reliable advice, which will serve as a buying guide. Moreover, we have thought of your budget by introducing the flagship Dyson vacuums, both entry level and premium models, more expensive.


Let’s go to the presentations right away to find out which is the best Dyson vacuum cleaner.

Dyson: a famous and pioneering brand in bagless vacuum cleaners

Before knowing which is the best vacuum cleaner Dyson in the range of models sleighs, brooms and hand, discover more in detail the brand Dyson.


Dyson is now a well-known brand and is currently the pioneer of bagless vacuum cleaners . Indeed, it is the founder of the brand, James Dyson who invented the first bagless model after finding that the filter of his vacuum was dirty and that it caused a loss of suction. Following this, he decided to look into this problem and invented the first bagless vacuum cleaner.

Today, Dyson is the flagship brand in bagless vacuuming, and thanks to its incredible suction power and cyclonic technology, these Dyson models perform very well on interior surfaces .


Another advantage of the brand: Dyson has really specialized in vacuum cleaners unlike other brands specializing in household appliances in general.

But what is the best Dyson vacuum cleaner?

What is the best vacuum cleaner Dyson: sled models

Sled vacuum cleaners are not necessarily the most popular model among consumers who blame him for his lack of mobility. Traditionally less practical than broom vacuum cleaners, sleigh models have been gradually shunned by users. It was not to mention the ingenuity of the Dyson brand that brought a clear improvement to the device thanks to its Ball system.


Free from this constraint, Dyson brand vacuum cleaners remain a must because they are also the most powerful (count for example 1,100 watts for Carbon Fiber.It is also the ideal device to cover a large surface (since they do not depend on battery life.) Now, what is the best Dyson vacuum in this category.

# 1: Dyson DC33C Origin Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

The best vacuum cleaner brand Dyson, in any category, remains in our eyes the Dyson DC33C Origin ( see our test ). Very popular among the faithful of the brand (and enjoying a 5 year warranty), this model stands out for its reliability and long life. It is also its power (750 W) that makes it stand out from other devices in its range.

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